San Marco, Venetian terrace

Trg SV. Stjepana 5
21450 Hvar
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San Marco, Venetian terrace

In San Marco Restaurant & Lounge you can enjoy a delicious Italian cuisine with exceptional Dalmatian touch.

Being one of the most grandiose in the Adriatic, San Marco's beautifully ornamented terrace floats above the famous Pjaca, which is second in size only to the Piazza San Marco in Venice. A combination of unique Venetian architecture, starry nights and soft sounds of music will put a profound smile on your face and a subtle swing in your step. Throw-in fine Italian cuisine and the soft glow of yachts in the bay, and the state of bliss may well be irreversible.

Find a special lounging space at the left side of town Loggia where you can eat, drink, relax and enjoy the pulse of Hvar harbor. Fulfill the experience with San Marco Lounge’s offer of Cocktails, Softdrinks, Beers, Spirits, Hotdrinks, Liqueurs, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Salads and Desserts.

San Marco Restaurant is Hvar’s premiere venue for unforgettable wedding celebrations, dinners/lunches for groups, events.

Reservations: +385 91 1741 500

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