Sensori Spa

Adriana, Hvar spa hotel
Obala Fabrika 28
21450 Hvar
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Sensori Spa

Experience the first full-service international spa in the Croatian islands. A member of Leading Spas of the World. 

Inspired by Hvar island’s authenticity, endless sunshine, overwhelming views, fragrant botanicals, vigorous sea and marine air, Sensori at Adriana, hvar spa hotel was created.

Sensori’s sincere wish is to introduce holistic wellness to your life, offering experiences that will help you live healthier, look better and feel renewed. Sensori celebrates the senses through spa experience emphasizing all one can potentially see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel.
The menu of services offers a distinct sense of place, integrating the healing properties of the local plants and environment with the traditional remedies of massage, movement, hydrotherapy and aesthetic care to invigorate and restore the senses. The staff will also spend thoughtful time discussing which treatments are best for you with a focus on optimal health.

Make your skin a happy organ with indigenous Hvar rosemary, lavender and orange oils.

New offer - Enjoy your piece of Thailand in Hvar

Boost your immune system and feel like royalty
Thai massage helps release the blockages and stimulates the flow of life energy, which establishes the balance of body, mind and spirit.
It improves your circulatory system through better blood and lymph circulation and reduced heart rate; reduces the edema caused by slow lymph flow and releases toxins from the body. In addition, tendons and muscles are relaxed, joints are unlimbered and the whole body is more flexible. A superior nervous and digestive system is stimulated and more active.

Modern variations of traditional Thai massage reduce mental and physical stress, relax the body and ease muscle problems caused by increased physical effort. They also reduce chronic pain problems, balance functioning of the entire body and help against cellulite.

Tel: +385 (0)21 750 252
Fax: +385 (0)21 750 255

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